Our Better Hearing Plan extends an exclusive hearing benefit offering free testing and discounted prices on hearing products to employees and their friends and family.

It provides access to a relationship with the most experienced professionals in the industry, top quality patient care and exceptional technology.

At Amdahl Hearing, we recognize that hearing loss separates people from the environments that they participate in, whether at home with loved ones, out in social environments, or even in the workplace. Our goal is to help our communities overcome these obstacles and give our clients the opportunities to fully live their lives again.


3 Main Goals of Our Better Hearing Plan:

  1. Provide education – We will educate your employees about the auditory system, hearing loss, and treatment through presentations, brochures, and access to online information.

  3. Provide exclusive benefits – Our program provides discounts (10%) exclusive to your employees (and clients, if applicable), should they need hearing protection, enhancement or amplification.

  5. Provide hearing testing – We will provide a complete range of testing for all clients at no cost to them or your organization.

We provide your employees with our Better Hearing Plan benefit card, which identifies them as preferred customers at Amdahl Hearing and entitles them to the benefits described above.


Benefits of Our Better Hearing Plan

For individuals requiring hearing aids our Better Hearing Plan includes the following benefits:

  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Comprehensive warranty
  • Loss and damage protection
  • Free battery program
  • Yearly technology verification
  • 75-day risk-free trial period
  • 75-day retraining program
  • 75-day upgrade protection plan
  • Regular hearing aid cleaning
  • Yearly hearing tests

If you are an employer or employee of a local company that is interested in this free benefit package, please contact our practice today for more information about our Better Hearing Plan!