Not all headphones are created equal just has not every in-home stereo is not created equal. With custom headphones by Amdahl Hearing you can listen to your favorite band at work, on a walk, on a run, or anywhere you choose and feel like you are live at their concert.

Tunz Custom Headphones

Ideal for MP3 players, gaming devices, computers and more, Tunz Custom Audio Monitors provide pure listening enjoyment. They are custom-fit precisely for your ears to block out unwanted noise and deliver the ultimate in comfort and crystal-clear sound clarity.

These headphones come with a variety of options, that you will be able to choose at the time of ordering.

Tunz Solo/Duo

Hear less outside noise and more of your iPod or MP3 player with Tunz Solo. Fit perfectly to your ears, these high-quality headphones deliver a rich sound that off-the-shelf earbuds simply can’t match.

True music lovers will find perfect harmony with our advanced Tunz Duo headphones. Their dual drivers and perfect fit deliver a full, robust sound — ensuring you hear every note of every song.

Tunz Solo/Duo

Tunz Custom Stage Monitors

Music has never been more personal, thanks to Tunz Custom Stage Monitors. Their natural, balanced sound and pure, rich tones give you total control of your stage mix. Custom fit for your ears, they block out unwanted noise and eliminate the need for traditional stage wedge monitors.

Tunz Custom Stage Monitors

Tunz Duo S

Great entry-level monitors, Tunz Duo S perfectly amplify both mid- and high-range sounds, so you can stay on top of what’s happening on stage.

Tunz Trio

The natural, live-quality sound of Tunz Trio make them the ideal monitor for keyboard players and singers. They minimize bass to isolate performances more easily.

Tunz Trio B

Experience the full range of sound with Tunz Trio B. Custom-fit perfectly to your ears, their triple drivers ensure guitar and bass players never miss a beat.

Tunz Trio XB

Get an extra boost of bass with Tunz Trio XB stage monitors. Recommended for drummers and bass players,, they envelope you in a full range of sound, and help you feel every good vibration.

Tunz Headphone Testimonials

“The Tunz headphones are wonderful! I have had headphones that I could only wear for maybe thirty minutes before my ears became uncomfortable from wearing them. With these I can wear them for hours without them hurting my ears. I wore them flying from the Minneapolis airport to the San Diego airport and they did not hurt my ears at all. The nice thing about the tunz is that they cancel out a lot of background noise for example: while flying, I could barely hear the noise the airplane was making which was pretty awesome. They are perfect for doing homework in a public setting. The clarity of the music is impeccable! I never thought that music could be so clear coming from headphones so small. ”

“I love them! I’m constantly listening to music, and before I would have to stop because my ears would start to hurt from the headphones I used, or they would fall out. These fit perfectly! I’ve never had to stop what I’m doing to readjust my headphones and they’re snug enough to stay in no matter what I’m doing. The sound quality is incredible, and because they’re custom molded they eliminate most background noise. I will never go back to using other headphones ever again!”

Our Simple 4 Step Process to Custom Headphones

  • Step 1: Call any of our locations to schedule an appointment
  • Step 2: Come in for ear impressions (painless, takes less than 20 min)
  • Step 3: Pick out your headphone style and choose your color
  • Step 4: Return to pick up your custom headphones in about 2 weeks