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Hearing Loss Leads to Significant Health Risks That You Can Avoid

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The #1 risk-factor in dementia is hearing loss. It can increase your risk of falling, diabetes, memory loss, social isolation, and cognitive decline.*

How we interact with the world around us is heavily connected to our ability to hear. When our hearing is impaired, our brains struggle to function correctly and give our bodies the right signals to function correctly.

Healthy hearing means a healthy brain. Having a healthy mind allows us to live long, active lives.

Is it worth 30 minutes of your time to potentially avoid these risks and communicate better with others?

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*Study on Dementia by The Lancet medical journal

The Secret is in the Brain

As we age, speech understanding becomes more and more difficult. In fact, many people with normal hearing may understand as little as 50% of what is being said!

Unlike outdated traditional remedies of making things louder by turning the volume up, our new treatment technology is about helping your brain translate speech and other sounds. As the brain understands the info it’s hearing, it can provide your brain with the healthy information it needs.

With a treatment plan, you’ll find the answers you’ve been looking for:

  • Why it is difficult to understand speech, especially in noisy environments.
  • How not understanding conversations can lead to serious health risks.
  • How the brain can be retrained to understand speech.
  • How recent treatment improvements can help you live a more successful life.
  • How you hear with your brain, not with your ears.

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We want you to be able to get back to your active life and have lasting relationships with those you love. We also understand that you may have some concerns or bad experiences with seeking better hearing. Many of our patients were just like you. They were disappointed with poor patient care, feeling sold to, and treatments that didn’t work. They now lead happy, active lives, free from hearing frustrations, and are grateful for the personal care we provided them… and we want that for you too!

The key to better hearing is simple… request a complimentary review, get evaluated, and gain better hearing. We want you to get back to those things that you love without the frustrations of not hearing correctly. Let’s make it easy to hear even in noisy environments like restaurants and social gatherings.

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