Summer Hearing Protection

Girl jumping into her father's arms in the pool

Summer is finally hear! Sand, sunshine, and the lazy days of summer await! But that also means sunburns, mosquitoes, unbearable temps, and some of the more unfortunate parts of summer. We have to do more to protect ourselves during the summer, whether that means drinking more water to avoid dehydration or slathering on sunscreen every time you go outside. We also have to pay more attention to our ears to protect our hearing.


There’s nothing like jumping into a pool or the lake during a sweltering day. It’s certainly refreshing, but there can be any number of bacteria and microorganisms living in that water. If the water enters your ears, it can lead to ear infections. While ear infections are more common amongst children, adults can get them too. Ear infections are relatively harmless, but they can be painful. To avoid the potential for an ear infection, place hearing protection, like custom earplugs, in your ears before jumping in the pool.


Fireworks are certainly a bright spot during summer nights, especially on the Fourth of July. However, those beautiful explosions in the sky can damage your ears because of how loud they are. Contrary to popular belief, it is exposure to loud noises, not age, that is the leading cause of hearing loss. We are happy to create custom earplugs for you so you can safely enjoy fireworks all summer long.

Loud Equipment

Fireworks aren’t the only loud noises you’re likely to be exposed to this summer. Yard equipment like the lawn mower or weed trimmer can be loud enough that hearing protection is required. If you’re embarking on any summer construction projects and you’re using power tools, you’ll want earplugs too. Depending on how loud the engine is when you’re out boating, you will want to either sit as far from the engine as possible or wear custom earplugs.


Concerts and other shows are in full swing this summer, which means your ears will be exposed to high decibel sounds. Your ears shouldn’t be ringing after a concert or loud sporting event. Sit as far away from the speakers as you can or bring your earplugs along.

It’s important to take care of your ears to protect your hearing. While you’re out enjoying all the activities summer has to offer, be sure not to forget about hearing protection. 

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