National Save Your Hearing Day

Woman being checked for hearing loss

When is the last time you went in for a hearing test? Or to get your hearing aids looked at? National Save Your Hearing Day is observed every year on May 31. The day acts as a perfect reminder to make you and your family’s hearing a priority. Hearing is a vital part of our everyday lives, and it’s important to do what you can to prevent hearing loss.

Hearing loss has a variety of causes—some preventable, and some not. While you cannot control age, genetics, neurological disorders, trauma, illness, and neurobiological factors, to an extent you can control what you are exposed to. Experts estimate that nearly half of all hearing loss cases can be prevented. Exposure to noise, some medications, and certain chemicals can increase your risk for developing hearing impairment. You can avoid exposure to loud noises by keeping the radio, television, and headphones turned down. If you work in a job environment where you are exposed to loud sounds, it’s important to wear proper ear protection. Be sure you understand the risks for hearing impairment following the use of any medications or chemicals. Speak to your doctor so you clearly understand your risks. You can also try to prevent certain illnesses that can lead to hearing impairment or total hearing loss. For instance, certain illnesses may lead to congenital infections or middle ear infections that can lead to hearing loss. Get your immunizations for rubella, H. influenza, and S. pneumonia.

It’s important to complete hearing tests at all stages in life. Your audiologist will determine your baseline hearing, and from there you can determine if your hearing is getting worse as you age. If you are already experiencing hearing impairment issues, it’s best to have it looked at right away so your audiologist can determine the cause and get you the help you need. There is no shame in needing a little help from hearing aids.

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