Is There a Link Between Hearing Loss and Hypertension?

Man checking his blood pressure

Blood Pressure and Your Ears

Nearly 75 million Americans suffer from high blood pressure, and that number grows steadily every year. With hypertension comes symptoms like headaches, fatigue, difficulty breathing, and chest pain. But there is one consequence of high blood pressure that is rarely discussed: hearing loss.

Hearing loss is devastating for those afflicted; it is the fourth leading cause of disability in the US. Having high blood pressure can cause or exacerbate existing hearing loss. But how is this possible, and what does high blood pressure have to do with your ears? We’ll answer that question in our blog and provide you with the resources to reduce the effects of hypertension on your hearing.

How Can High Blood Pressure Cause Hearing Loss?

The link between hearing loss and blood pressure may be hard to see at first but is easy to understand when you know how hypertension works. The body is full of blood vessels, which become injured because of increased pressure. Your ears contain these same vessels, which will also become damaged due to prolonged hypertension.

Your inner ear is very sensitive to blood flow, especially the auditory hairs responsible for interpreting sound. When this blood flow is altered, long-term impacts on your hearing may occur. The link between blood pressure and ears is plain to see with this knowledge in mind. A prolonged increase in blood pressure will not only alter your hearing temporarily but can also lead to the full-scale degradation of your inner ear. This degradation leads to permanent hearing loss, causing a life-altering condition.

What You Can Do

The first step in preventing hearing loss from hypertension is to reduce your blood pressure. Work with your primary care provider to maintain a healthy body, refine your diet, and implement exercise into your daily routine. However, you may find that some permanent damage persists after altering your lifestyle.

When hearing loss persists, you should work with a professional to determine what to do next. Screening and hearing aids may be necessary to restore your hearing. If you need help deciding what’s next, partner with Amdahl Hearing to regain your hearing with the best care in Central Minnesota.

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