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Woman talking to her mother about hearing aids

As we get older, our hearing wanes. This decline is perfectly natural but can be frustrating for families. It’s not uncommon to see parents who refuse hearing aids, but there are ways you can convince parents who need hearing aids to act and get the help they need.

Do Your Parents Need Hearing Aids?

Before you can get your parent the help they need, you’ll first need to determine if they need the help at all. Concluding whether your parent has hearing loss is easier now than ever. There are online tests to determine if your loved one is experiencing hearing loss that needs attention from a professional.

It will be far easier to persuade someone to answer a few questions before convincing someone to wear hearing aids. Online hearing tests ask questions like, “Do you find yourself turning up the volume on TVs or stereos?” or “Does it seem like people are mumbling more than they used to?”. These questions can determine if your parent needs hearing aids before committing to anything more.   

Convincing Family to Wear Hearing Aids

There are multiple ways you can convince family to wear hearing aids. The important thing is to be patient and understanding to your loved ones. It’s easy to become frustrated, but you should try seeing the situation from their perspective. People don’t like change, and they often don’t like admitting things are wrong, so be kind and approach the conversation from a place of love.

Here are some of the ways you can convince a loved one to wear hearing aids:

  • Tell Them How You Feel – It’s common for family members to feel like their relationship is negatively affected by hearing loss. Tell your parent how much conversing with them means to you and how the lack of communication has affected you lately.
  • Appeal to Their Mental Health – People suffering from hearing loss often feel alone and isolated. It’s also more common for people with hearing difficulties to develop cognitive conditions like Alzheimer’s. Talk with your parent about preserving their mental and cognitive health, and they’ll be more receptive to getting help.
  • Explore the Options – Hearing aids are more advanced now than ever. Modern hearing aids are more comfortable, more effective, and more affordable. And they continue to get better every year. Explore the options for hearing aids with your parent and find a solution that meets their needs. 

It’s not always easy to convince someone to wear hearing aids, but using these points will certainly help. Once you’ve convinced your loved one to seek help, you’ll need an expert to conduct testing and recommend hearing aids that conform to your parent’s lifestyle. To get started with the team of experts at Amdahl Hearing, view our locations and get in touch today.

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