How Are Custom-Fit Monitors Better for Musicians?

Custom fit monitors

For many years, musicians have used wedge monitors during live performances to hear themselves and their audio cues. Though, as with most everything else, technology has advanced to provide better equipment and ear protection for performers. While wedge monitors have serviced many musicians in the past, in-ear, custom-fit Tunz monitors provide distinct advantages. 

The Problem with Wedge Monitors

Wedge monitor hearing aids are dual devices. They feature an above-ear device that captures the sound and relays it to the in-ear device attached to it. Wedge-type hearing aids feature little ambient noise suppression. 

Wedge monitors have been in use for years and are still in use by many musicians today. However, they have many drawbacks for those who use them. The main reasons that many adopt custom-fit monitors are volume, mobility, and sound quality.

Dangerous Volumes

Live performances get loud, and for musicians to hear themselves, monitors must be even louder. While on stage, it’s common to have multiple wedges pointed toward you. Each of these wedges can output sound at dangerous volumes and lead to noise-induced hearing loss.

Vocalists can also reduce the strain on their voice with custom-fit monitors. In-ear monitors provide vocal feedback directly into the ear, instead of forcing vocalists to sing louder for the feedback they need. In addition, you can see the overall stage volume delivered to the audience decrease, which gives your sound team more to work and higher quality sound delivery for fans.

Decreased Movement

Musicians like to move–whether they are the lead singer or a mobile guitar player. It’s common for band members to pace the stage, amp up the crowd, and connect with the audience. If the stage has only a small pocket where a wedge monitor provides output, you might be stuck there for the entire performance. Custom-fit monitors free performers to move about the stage and better connect with their fans.

Poor Quality

It’s no secret that performers are particular about sound. There is little room for sound mixing on a wedge, as volume is the most limiting factor. With an isolating in-ear monitor, you get the best quality and customization. 

Custom-Fit Monitors from Amdahl Hearing

With custom-fit monitors from Amdahl Hearing, you’ll have high-quality sound, safer volumes, and unlimited mobility and comfort. There is no better solution for performers when it comes to sound monitoring. These in-ear monitors solve the problems generated from traditional wedge monitors without any added drawbacks.

These benefits don’t just apply to the stage. Custom-fit monitors are a great addition to your kit no matter where you are enjoying your music. These are a great piece of equipment for fellow band members, audio engineers, and even audiophiles. With a great monitor, you’ll experience the same high quality whether you’re on the stage, in a recording session, or enjoying your favorite albums at home. Working with an expert is the best way to find the product for you. Amdahl Hearing can help you choose by providing you with the best products on the market. Additionally, we’ll give you the advice you need to make a selection. With an array of custom earbuds and musician monitors, you can stay in tune and perform your best. Book an appointment at one of our locations by contacting us today.

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