ENT, Audiology, and Otology: Which Type of Care Do Your Ears Need?

Doctor checking a patient's ear

Our senses are how we interact with the world around us. As patients, we see specialized doctors to make sure each of our senses is in good working order. 

There are many facets of hearing specialists – from a typical ear, nose, and throat doctor to specialists that treat specific hearing symptoms. Learn more about the differences in these specialists below. 

Comprehensive Hearing Care from your ENT

ENTs–or ear, nose, and throat– doctors treat diseases, traumas, or abnormalities that might affect your sense through the head or neck. Often, a hearing issue can be traced back to details such as nerve issues or allergies that also show symptoms in other areas of your body, such as your sinuses or throat. An ENT specifically deals with issues that can be treated. They do not have the same hearing loss expertise as specialist doctors, such as an audiologist.

Audiology and Hearing Loss

Audiologists are hearing specialists used to diagnose hearing loss. Often, an audiologist is better suited to testing hearing, tracking hearing loss, and determining how to assist with the hearing process. Audiologists are the professionals you consult with many basic hearing problems, such as getting hearing aids, conducting hearing tests, and diagnosing symptoms of tinnitus. 

Otology and Ear Abnormalities

Otologists begin with ENT training but have chosen to further focus on the health of the ears. Otologists are often surgeons as well as doctors and have a specialized understanding of how the ear works and how to repair abnormal ear issues.

Otologists are not often used for hearing loss in the elderly, but instead are consulted when there is a specific problem, such as a ringing in the ears, unusual pain, or discharge. In the same way that you may not bring your child’s bicycle to a mechanic to fix a flat tire, otologists are consulted when unique care is needed for specific ear or hearing issues. 

The audiologists of Amdahl Hearing are particularly proficient at combatting hearing issues. Our standard begins with the initial comprehensive hearing exam and extends through our follow-up appointments to ensure that the hearing aids not only hear properly but fit properly as well. Get started with Amdahl Hearing by visiting one of our locations.

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