Make your hearing aids last longer with this revolutionary device!

AGX Clean heaing aid cleaning system

Hearing aids have vastly improved in recent years, becoming smaller and more powerful than they’ve ever been before. It’s easy to forget that these tiny electronic devices can be fragile, and are constantly put to the test by being kept in the ear—an environment that is normally full of moisture and filled with wax. This is why cleaning and regular maintenance of your hearing aids is vital—and how the AGX Clean can help.
AGX Clean

AGX Clean makes cleaning, disinfecting, and drying your hearing aids a cinch with the touch of a button. Place your hearing devices — any type — in the box, and enjoy the benefits of this fuss-free system:

  • Removes earwax and moisture
  • Disinfects using antibacterial solution
  • Reduces risk of itchy ears and irritation
  • Helps keep hearing devices in top shape
  • Protects your devices when not in use
  • Helps maintain battery life

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