Something Every Rechargeable Hearing Aid User Should Know

Just last week we had something happen to a patient that I believe is really important to pass on to all of you. She reports that she had misplaced her charging cord for her hearing aid recharger. She was able to find a cord that looked very similar to the one used in the hearing aid charger. She plugged it in, placed hearing aids in the charger, turned off the lights, and went to bed.

Sometime later in the night she woke up to an awful smell and smoke filling the bedroom. After a frantic search, she found that the smoke was coming from her hearing aid charger. The charging cord clearly was not the correct cord and caused a problem that, if not caught when she did, could have been disastrous. We couldn’t be happier that things worked out as well as they did, and we are only replacing a hearing aid charger, instead of a home…or worse.

Please, if you ever misplace a charging cord for your hearing aids or any of your accessories, give us a call. We usually have some on hand.

If you have more questions about hearing aid Chargers or accessories, please give us a call at 320.252.0094, look us up online at or email me directly at

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