Signs it’s Time for Hearing Aids

Older man with hearing aid

Is the quality of your hearing starting to wane? Just because you are younger, doesn’t mean you are immune to hearing loss. People at every age can suffer from hearing loss and benefit from hearing aids. There are a few signs that will help put you on the right track and get you the help you need. 


Do you have that unwavering ringing in one or both ears? Though tinnitus is annoying, it doesn’t always mean you’re losing your hearing; however, the two often go hand in hand. That’s why it’s best to get it checked out by a hearing professional to determine if you only have tinnitus or a deeper issue. Hearing aids can improve both hearing loss and tinnitus. 

Volume Levels

Do you constantly find yourself turning up the volume because you’re struggling to hear the television, radio, or that funny video from Facebook? You may have sensitive hearing, but if individuals are often commenting or complaining about the high volume, it might be a sign of a bigger issue. 

Following a Conversation

If you’re having hearing problems, you may struggle to follow a conversation in a loud crowd because it is hard to differentiate between the people speaking versus the crowd volume. Similarly, you could struggle to understand what people are saying during a conversation in a room without the crowd. If you notice frequent misunderstandings, you’re asking “what?” all the time, and your answers often don’t match up with the questions that were asked, it’s probably time for you to schedule a hearing test. 


If you find yourself frustrated often and increasingly impatient because you’re having trouble hearing others and it sounds like they’re always mumbling or talking too softly, it’s probably a sign of a larger issue. Straining to understand a conversation can be incredibly frustrating, and if you’re doing it often, it might be hearing loss.

While some individuals are able to maintain perfect vision and hearing their entire lives, some aren’t quite so fortunate. Hearing loss can be a sudden or gradual process. Get your hearing checked as soon as you notice any of these signs. With hearing aids, you’ll enjoy hearing that is personalized for you, complete with sound clarity, comfort, and universal connectivity. See how Amdahl Hearing is redefining what a hearing aid can do by calling us at one of our locations.

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