I’ve Lost My Hearing Aid! Now What?

As I think about this issue, I can almost hear the panic in my patient’s voices when they call on the phone.  “I’ve lost my hearing aid! Now, what do I do?”

 For many of my patients, this is a terrifying thought. They have already spent a significant amount of money on their hearing aids and they have grown to love the ability to hear much better. So the thought of being without their hearing aids, or even one, can be unsettling, to say the least.

 The good news is that patients who were fit with a quality hearing aid, from a reputable manufacturer will oftentimes have a warranty. Following that warranty is a loss and damage plan. If a patient is within that loss and damage plan, then a one-time replacement can be ordered. Now, there is generally a deductible, somewhere in the range of $300-$500, but this is a significant discount on the price paid for the initial treatment process. Also, as the hearing aid is simply a duplicate, settings from the lost hearing aid can simply be transferred to the new hearing aid, saving the need for all of the initial testing and the expense.

 Finally, at Amdahl Hearing, we understand both the need for amplification, as well as the cost involved. Even if you are out of warranty, we will do everything we can to make sure you receive a replacement hearing aid as quickly as possible, and at the most reasonable price we can give you.

If you have questions about your hearing or hearing aids, please give us a call at 320.252.0094, look up online at amdahlhearing.com or email me directly at info@amdahlhearing.com.


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