How to Prevent Hearing Aids from Falling Out

Leavings falling onto a street

It might be fall, but it’s not time for you hearing aids to fall out!

Okay, that was a bad joke, but hearing aids that won’t stay in your ears is not just an annoying problem, it can be downright panic-inducing. Imagine your hearing aids falling out into the toilet, into a body of water, or onto the ground where they are immediately swallowed by a curious pet. If they fall out in a public place, they could be lost forever. You also take the risk of them becoming damaged when they hit the ground. If you’re looking for a solution, you’ve come to the right place.

Get the Right Fit

First thing’s first: you must learn how to put your hearing aids into your ears correctly. Loose hearing aids can fall out, while too-tight hearing aids can cause discomfort. In either case, you may be playing with your hearing aids and adjusting them frequently, which can make them more likely to fall out. Your audiologist should teach you to put in your hearing aids correctly, but if you notice that they often feel uncomfortable, you may have the wrong style. There are a variety of hearing aid styles, so make sure you talk to your audiologist about the best option for you and your lifestyle. You can get a better hearing aid fit with earmolds and hearing aid shells. They are customized to your ears so that they fit perfectly.

Be Mindful of Removal

When you are putting your hearing aids in or taking them out, be sure you aren’t doing it on the move. It’s best to do it in a well-lit area and over a soft space if possible. If the hearing aids fall, a towel or soft carpet can help prevent damage. When you’re removing a hat, headscarf, mask, or other object that may get caught in your hearing aids, make sure you do it slowly and be mindful that your hearing aids do not get caught and fall out.

Rely on Accessories

If you have an active lifestyle, you may want to take advantage of hearing aid accessories that are designed to keep your hearing aids from falling out. Rely on headbands, straps, and/or clips to help you feel confident that your hearing aids are secure in your ears.

Don’t let your hearing aids fall like the autumn leaves; follow our tips instead.

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