Hearing Aid Fittings

Close up of a hearing aid

Is it time for a pair of hearing aids? If you are getting fit for hearing aids for the first time, you may be unfamiliar with the process and you might not know what to expect. If it has been awhile since you got a new pair, you may not remember the process. Here’s what you can expect if you are going in for a hearing aid fitting soon.

Once you’ve decided—along with your audiologist—that hearing aids are the right choice for you, you will need to schedule an appointment to choose a style of hearing aids and to ensure they fit properly. Not only is this important so that proper amplification is supplied but this will also make it less likely for your hearing aids to fall out and become damaged or lost.

The fitting will start with a series of hearing tests. This will tell your audiologist the softest sound you can hear and which pitches you can hear. The tests will also determine what level of sound is too intense. The results will help your audiologist adjust your hearing aids properly to amplify and compress sounds so that you can hear comfortably; this will ensure nothing is too soft or uncomfortably loud. Your audiologist will discuss your lifestyle with you to understand what kind of hearing environment you are often in. For instance, if you are a waitress that works in a loud restaurant, your hearing aid options will likely be different than someone who lives alone and works from home. After discussing technology options and different costs, together you will decide which style of hearing aids are the right choice for you.

If required, earmold impressions will be made. Your next appointment will consist of testing to make sure your hearing aids are supplying proper amplification. The real-ear measurement, also referred to as probe microphone measurements, is performed to ensure you are receiving the precise level of amplification that you need from your hearing aids. Once your audiologist is certain that the hearing aids are programmed properly, they will explain care and maintenance to you.

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