Hearing Aid Accessories

Hearing aids on display

You’ve chosen the right set of hearing aids that complements your lifestyle. Now it’s time to pick the accessories that will keep your hearing aids in tip-top shape. Hearing aids are worn every single day, so in order to keep them functioning properly, you need a few extra accessories.


First and foremost, unless you have rechargeable hearing devices, be sure that you have a stockpile of hearing aid batteries. They come in a variety of sizes, so make sure you choose the specific battery designed for your hearing aid. The last thing you want is to run out of batteries and have your hearing aids stop working, so having backup batteries readily available is crucial. Carry spares with you.

Carrying Cases

You will most likely have to remove your hearing aids now and again, such as when you sleep or when you go swimming. Having a carrying case designed to fit your lifestyle is a good idea. You can get waterproof and shatterproof cases.


You can also choose to place sleeves over your hearing aids. These are usually made of a double layer with nylon-spandex. Hearing aid wearers choose to use them to protect their hearing aids from dirt, moisture, and extra noise from the wind.

Cleaning Tools

Keeping your hearing aids clean and performing routine maintenance will extend the life of your hearing aids. You should be cleaning your hearing aids every day to clear away any dirt, moisture, or ear wax. You can invest in moisture removal systems and ear wax removal systems to make the process of loosening ear wax and removing moisture easier.


If you are worried about your behind the ear hearing aids falling out, investing in OtoClips can prevent this problem. A loop goes over the hearing aid and then the other end of the cord clips to clothing. 


Dehumidifiers aren’t absolutely necessary for your hearing aids, but they are definitely a good idea for all types of hearing devices—including cochlear implant equipment, ear monitors, and noise maskers. Simply place the hearing device in the dehumidifier overnight, and as you sleep it will kill germs, deodorize, and dry earwax. As a result, you will experience longer battery life, better sound, and fewer repairs. You’ll wake up each morning with clean hearing devices. If you suffer from itchy ears, using a dehumidifier on your devices can help.

Speak with your audiologist about the best accessories for you.

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