Extending the Life of your Hearing Aids

Woman putting on a hearing aid

For many people with hearing loss, their hearing aids are their lifeline to the outside world. Taking care of your hearing aids will protect your investment and keep them working properly for a long time. If you want to prolong the life of your hearing aids, there are accessories you can invest in that will help protect them from the three main things that hurt your hearing aids: physical damage, moisture, and earwax.

Perfect Dry Lux

The number one thing that prevents the longevity of your hearing aids is physical damage. There are small electronics and pieces within your hearing aids that can be subjected to damage from shock. They should be stored in a storage case when they aren’t being used, like the Perfect Dry Lux. Not only is this designed for all types of hearing aids, it provides ultrafast dehumidification. The ultraviolet (UV) light kills bacteria and other dangerous pathogens that can cause problems and removes moisture.

In addition to properly storing your hearing aids, take them out over a soft surface so if they happen to fall, they land on a soft surface. You should also make sure you’re regularly checking and replacing the batteries. Running on low batteries can damage the circuitry.

Ear Gear

Dirt, wind, sweat, and moisture can cause problems with your hearing aids. Placing Ear Gear, a double layer nylon-spandex blended sleeve, over your hearing aids will protect from the elements.


We all know that moisture is not a friend to electronics. Moisture, whether it’s sweat, perfume, hairspray, or something similar, can get into your hearing aids and cause major problems. The Dry-Brik removes moisture molecules with the device and takes the humidity outside of the hearing aids. It also captures odors. The Westone Hearing Aid Saver also removes moisture from your hearing aids and is perfect to set on your nightstand while you sleep at night.

Ear Wax Removal System

Built-up earwax can be problematic. Not only can an overabundance of earwax lead to an ear infection, it can cause blockage on your hearing aids. If the wax builds up on your hearing aids, it can block the speakers and the ports. Maintaining good ear hygiene can prevent this from happening, as can making sure you regularly clean and sanitize your hearing aids.

You can check out all of the above products on our website. Be sure you are only using the equipment and accessories your hearing professional provides to you.

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