Audiologist talking to a patient about the Levo System

Audiologist Nationally Promotes the Value of Hearing While Staying Local

This October is the American Academy of Audiology’s National Audiology Awareness Month, a time dedicated to raising awareness about audiology and the importance of hearing protection in local communities, therefore creating national awareness. To further this goal, Amdahl Hearing will be offering free hearing screenings by appointment throughout the month of October.

“Your hearing is a key element to living a full life. Keeping your hearing working at its best is essential to maintaining your connection to your daily life, to those around you, and to opportunities both personal and professional,” says Kevin Amdahl of Amdahl Hearing. “Keeping a focus on preserving a sense that’s so vital to living your daily life is what my profession is all about, and I want to help my community take on the same ideal.”

Figures from the American Academy of Audiology show 1 in 3 people over age 60 have hearing loss and 1 in 2 people over age 85 have hearing loss. Hearing loss is an increasing health concern and often avoidable through visiting an audiologist for regular hearing screenings and knowing the signs of hearing loss.

“We’re seeing a growing number of young people experience hearing loss earlier because of their lifestyle choices — like loud music at shows or headphones. And with that growth also has to come education around the importance of hearing and its preservation,” says Amdahl. “The sooner we can detect hearing issues, the easier it is to treat them and prevent additional hearing damage from occurring.”

National Audiology Awareness Month encourages regular hearing checkups combined with hearing protection to preserve hearing health. The focus includes helping those living with untreated hearing loss by offering educational pieces around technological advances in hearing aids.