“When I scheduled an appointment I was asked to bring someone with. Why?”

This is something that a lot of our patients ask, and I’m more than happy to clarify. When any of our patients schedule, we always ask that they bring a spouse, significant other, or a close family member to the appointment for a variety of reasons:


  • There is a lot of information to go over. At Amdahl Hearing, we take great pride in teaching our patients as much as we can about their individual hearing problems, as we feel it provides them with the best opportunity to choose the best treatment option.  When you come in, our Audiologists are going to give you all of the information they can to help you, and having a loved one with is great because it’s an extra set of ears to listen.
  • Emotional support. Finding out you have a hearing loss is hard, and having a support system at the appointment with you can be exceptionally helpful.
  • A different perspective. Our patients always have lots of questions that we are happy to answer.  We also find it helpful to have a loved one present as they also have questions.  It’s important to us to address both.
  • You might not know you’re not hearing certain things. Many of our patients who have hearing loss are not aware of what they are missing.  Bringing someone who is close to you and familiar with your hearing experience gives us another point of view as well as a trusted second opinion.
  • Hearing aids are a big decision! Hearing aids aren’t something you can just pick up on your weekly trip to the mall. Like all medical decisions, hearing aids are a big deal. A lot of our patients prefer to consult with their spouse or significant other before making the decision to purchase, and sometimes they have questions. By bringing them to the appointment, they can get all of the information that you get, and you can make an informed decision together.


There are many reasons to bring a loved one with to your appointment, but it’s not a requirement. Sometimes there are extenuating factors when loved ones aren’t able to make it, and we understand that. If you’re unable to bring someone, we are still more than happy to see you! If you are able to bring someone with you, they can prove to be a valuable resource in helping you make an informed decision. We love answering questions, and we’re sure your loved one has a few!

Kevin Amdahl new

-Kevin Amdahl, Co-Owner and President of Amdahl Hearing, Inc.