Are your hearing aids working properly?

The hearing aid pictured above is clearly broken, but even when your hearing aid(s) are working just fine, they may not be working their best. They amplify the noise, and you definitely hear things better when you wear them. But how do you know that they’re working the best? That’s a tough one. I had a patient ask me this once a while back. He had worn hearing aids for a number of years, and when we fit him with new hearing aids he was impressed at how much of an improvement he got. At Amdahl Hearing, we’re sticklers for follow-up appointments to make sure that our patient’s new technology is working properly, and we were trying to figure out ways to make them work better when he posed the question, “how do I know if my hearing aids are working optimally?”.  There are  multiple ways we look to answer that:

  • Objective testing: This is when we test the hearing aids while they’re in your ears, to make sure that we’re giving you enough power, in the right places, to hear the things you want to hear. This is currently the best way to determine if the hearing aids are doing what we want them to.
  • Fine tuning: For me, this is always the most challenging part of the fitting process.  Every person I see, regardless of their hearing loss, has different preferences.  For example, if I were to see two people with the EXACT same hearing loss, they would have different preferences for both loud and soft sounds, depending on how they lost their hearing, the physical size and shape of their ears and ear canals, as well as the extent of the damage to their individual hearing nerves.  Because of these factors, it is critical that we set aside the time to carefully fine tune the hearing aids using the latest in digital programming technology.
  • Subjective Testing: Having the person wear the hearing aids in their environment. This gives us the opportunity to make sure that speech is clear when people speak softly and that the loud sounds aren’t too loud. This is our best test in making sure that our patients are comfortable in all of their listening situations.
  • Follow-up Appointments: There are an infinite amount of ways that hearing aids can be tweaked and adjusted to make sure that each person is hearing their best, which is why we have our patients come in for follow-up appointments every couple of weeks until they are completely satisfied.

We guarantee that we will work our absolute hardest to make sure that each patient is 100% satisfied with the products they purchase. If we can’t fulfill that promise within one of the longest trial periods in the industry, we’ll provide you with a full refund.  If you or a loved one would like to come in for a free consultation to get your hearing tested and to see what options are available to you, please contact us.